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ASTIER is ISO 9001:2008 Certified IT Company

We know the value of money. At ASTIER, your investment is not only nourished but also made it hefty by fulfilling your business requirement through our service at right time with right tools.

  > Our oath is to provide the best-quality, fully-featured services at low price. Our mission is to develop and maintain business relationships which create the maximum level of value for customers through our products, services. Team work is the key attribute of success for any organization.

  > At ASTIER, we have an experienced management team run by IT professionals. Our developers are very qualified and highly skilled persons who devote for the best of Company and Customers. First fold of ASTIER tends to IT service and solutions. The Development Council handles IT related activities like- exporting the IT knowledge among small scale industries and enterprises, Web hosting, maintenance, all stream based data transcription, IT consultation, importing/ exporting IT agents and several others.


"We offer the highest quality and most advanced web design services."

At ASTIER Informatics, best software engineering practice is used and implemented by appropriate tools. We have trained and skilled staff, with clear responsibilities and instructions. Defect prevention or early correction is the strategy for the development of applications. We offer a wide range of following Software Services and Solutions to our different Customers according to their requirements.


Consultancy Services provided by us.


We offer wide range Network Monitoring System Services and Solution.

Web Hosting

We are reseller of Web Hosting Packages (Seeknext IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore).


We Offer Biometric Attendance System to our Customer.


We serve SMS based Solution without use of GATEWAY.

File Splitter/ Joiner

We develop different
desktop application.