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C with Data Structure

Procedural Structured, Programming Concept, OOPs Concept

C Basics

» Data Type of C/C++
» C/C++ Tokens
» C/C++ Control Statements

Derived Data Type

» Array/Strings

User Defined Data Type

» Struct/Union


» Library and User Defined Functions



C++ Topics

» Class,Object, Constructor/ Destructor, Inheritance Types , Polymorphism(Compile Time / Run time)(Early /Late Binding)
» Storage Classes, Friend Concept, File Handling
» This Pointer (Name Less Object Pointer Rule so many others)

Data Structure Topics

» Language Provided Data Structure Recursion, DMA Functions, DMA Operator
» Linear Data Structure, Stack Types, Queue Types
» Dynamic Data Structure, Linked Stack, Linked Queue, Linked List Types, Tree and its Types, Graph
» Searching/Sorting Techniques, Hashing Techniques


Placement Preparation, Preparation For Technical Round, Regular Tests, Preparation of Objective type Questions


Computer Fundamental